Kolyat crossed his arms and slouched in his seat.

“If I actually cared to stay where its safe, I wouldn’t have gotten myself into that situation in the first place, justicar. I may be young, but I’m not as naive as some of you on Shepard’s team would like to think.”

He shifted uncomfortably and stared vacantly straight ahead, mind obviously elsewhere. “My father only ever comes to the Citadel because that’s where Shepard leads him; I don’t seriously think he actually comes to see me.”

After speaking with someone in the flight tower, Samara docked where she had been directed to go. She had turned Kolyat’s words over in her mind in an attempt to be delicate with her response. However, it had been many years since she had need of a different way of talking. Upon exiting the shuttle she turned to the young drell.

"You are wrong about your father. He requested Shepard’s help when he came here looking for you. You are fortunate to have a father who cares enough to step back into your life in order to protect you, just as he is fortunate to have the Commander deem this desire to be worth the trouble of helping him."

The justicar’s eyes glanced away for a moment before staring Kolyat down again. “Many of Thane’s actions have been done with you in mind. He does what he believes is best in order to make this galaxy a better place for you. Your father has tried to carve a future for you. I do not recommend scorning him for the remainder of his life. He tries as best as he knows how.”

(Source: justicarcode)